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What is this AI event, and what is its purpose?

ALL IN is an artificial intelligence event and Canada's largest gathering dedicated to AI. This event aims to bring together professionals, members of the industry, suppliers and adopters of AI, researchers, startups and other enthusiasts in the field of AI to highlight the latest trends, emerging technologies and practical applications to uncover opportunities for the future of AI in Canada.

In which language will the event take place?

The event sessions will be mainly in English, but some speakers can speak French. Simultaneous translation will be offered via our official app to all participants, from English to French and French to English. We recommend that attendees wishing to benefit from this service bring their own earphones or headphones in case they attend the event in person.

will there be online sessions or only in-person ones?

The event will take place in person at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, and the content of the two main stages will be broadcasted online on our dedicated application. The content will be available online live and in the days following the event. All participants who have purchased a ticket will be able to access the online content and the application, regardless of the type of ticket purchased.

Are there networking opportunities planned?

We provide all those registered for the event with a dedicated application to explore the list of participants and facilitate networking. Meeting points will also be identified on-site at the event.